Alumil Μ15000 BS

M15000BS is an anti burglar opening system for main entrances and safety cages. It is certified with burglary protection WKII by the internationally renowned institute IFT Rosenheim. It is suitable for application in banks and public buildings as entrance doors or safety cages.

The new system is characterized by ease of manufacturing while working with high-tech automation security. The system’s main characteristics are:

  • Creates single entrance doors
  • Ideal option for banks and public buildings where the need of security is increased
  • Easy construction which can combine with high tech automation mechanisms
  • Satisfy the requirements for anti burglar resistance of WK3 level (certified at the Ift Rosenheim institute) 


Frame depth      
50 mm
Sash depth 50 mm
Minimum visible face width  
156,7 mm
Minimum visible width (Τ-profile) 90 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit 150 Kg
Glass thickness 24-40 mm
Cross section thickness 1,6 - 2,5
Type of system Uninsulated
Uf 7
Exterior aesthetics Flat
Glazing method Glazing Bead
Type of thermal insulation 34 mm polyamide
Mechanism GU
  • Entrance Panic Doors
  • Fixed lights


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