Alumil Μ7

M7 is a thermal insulated system for Energy Efficiency curtain walls that offers quality constructions with an excellent value for money ratio and meets all stability and safety requirements.

  • 50 mm width of mullions and transoms
  • High thermal insulation thanks to special isolator, making the system ideal for all climate regions
  • Structural glass solution with gaskets (SGG) or silicone (SSG), with the same mullions and transoms
  • Glazing thickness from 28mm up to 50mm
  • The profiles thickness vary from 1,7 – 2,0mm (6mm in the bigger profiles) so as to offer high values of inertia
  • The transom screws are covered by the transom gasket, thus minimizing water and air penetration problems
  • Low fabrication cost due to accessories and ease of fabrication
  • Includes a water evacuation system (front installation) 
  • Special supports for shading aluminium blades are available
  • All kind of opening windows can be installed (parallel projected, top hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn, seamless inwards tilt & turn)
  • All kinds of surfaces can be constructed (inclined, polygonal)
  • Combines with all types of doors from M11000 system



Exterior visible width

50 mm

Mullion depth 

28 - 267 mm

Transom depth

16,550 - 266 mm


Stick type with EPDM gaskets

Glass thickness

28 - 50 mm

Mullions max inertia

Ix=1483  Iy=61,3 cm4

Transoms max inertia

Ix=1483  Iy=61,3 cm4

Cross section thickness

5 mm


Type of system




Exterior aesthetics

Standard (with cap), Structural

Types of vent 


·Top hung window

·POW window

·Inwards hinged window

·Concealed hinged window


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