Alumil Μ3

M3 is a thermal insulated system for semi-structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation with the following characteristics:

  • 55 mm width of mullions.
  • Vents hold the glass, leaving a 14 mm seamless visible aluminium strip around the glass
  • Vents are supported by the mullions, which secure the frame on the curtain wall structure.
  • The same vents can be either fixed and projected outwards 
  • Vast variety of columns for high wind loads 
  • Polygonal surfaces are possible
  • Any kind of door from the M11000 system
  • Very easy installation on the building




Exterior visible width

44 mm


Interior visible width 

55 mm


Mullion depth

49 - 139 mm


Transom depth

47 - 154 mm



Framing with pre-assembled frame glass and EPDM gaskets

Glass thickness

5 – 38 mm


Mullions max inertia

Ix=501  Iy=64 cm4


Transoms max inertia

Ix=68    Iy=36 cm4


Inserts max inertia

Ix=125  Iy=32 cm4


Cross section thicknes

6 mm




Type of system




3,7 W/m2K


Exterior aesthetics



Possibility of the opening section 

·Top hung window





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