Alumil Μ65

M65 is a unitized (element) curtain wall system ideal for high-rise buildingsand freedom in architectural design. The unique construction of the building's envelope is done by assembling large panels consisted of many glass frame units, either structural or with visible aluminium covers. Potential broken glasses can easily be replaced. 

Every panel is freely designed by the architect and the system guarantees that the assembly of panels is easy, resistant and secure.

M65 is designed to meet in an innovative way these needs and for this purpose, it is tested and highly approved by the AAMA institute in New York.

  • Glazing thickness of 32mm
  • The external glazing bars can be fitted easily and quickly saving valuable construction time and a screw is placed at a specific point for a higher security level
  • Potential broken glasses can be replaced easily
  • Operating units fully integrated into load-bearing structure, fix parts, project out and or parallel opening  window, as well as hinged concealed tilt & turn sash.



Exterior visible width

65 mm

Mullion depth

176 mm

Transom depth

176 mm


32 mm

Glass thickness


Outer frame max inertia

Ix=320 Iy=9 cm4

Transoms max inertia

Ix=320 Iy=9 cm4

Max dimensions WxH

1500 x 3750 cm

Crooss section thickness

2,5 mm



Type of system



2,8 - 3,7 W/m2K

Exterior aesthetics

with 65 mm cap

Possibility of the opening section 


·Top hung window 

·Parallel projected window

·Inwards hinged window

·POW window  



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