Instructions for your frame

Instructions for your frame.

Before the placement:

How to make the right choice,
The choice of which frame you will use belongs only to you and your engineer. But you have to take into account the particularities and the needs of your house or your building, the climatic conditions that prevails in the area and of course the commitments that the town-planning impose. You have to give particular importance  at the characteristics of performance and functioning of the frames like the descriptions that are inscribed at the certificates.

After the placement:

Frame maintenance:
In order to admire your frames for many years, you have to observe the following things, that involves cleaning, the  correct use and maintenance of the frames.

*Right after the complement of the placement in the building, you have to take off the   protective films and clean the surface.
*You should clean the frames carefully, without using caustic cleaners and without the use of  cloth, brush, glass-paper or any other object that can injure their surface or their mechanism. Use mild cleaners (like the ones you use for the plates).
*You have to look after foreign objects so you can remove them from the drainage chambers (in the frames)so the water can run easily. 
*The cleanness should be regularly. We suggest to clean them from 4 to 12 times in a year. The outset of cleaning process  is better to start at March and continue til December. Th cleaning process  should  start  at a time that the building is protected from solar radiation. In the end of the cleanness the surfaces should be washed out with plenty of clean water.
*To testify the good functioning of the locks and the handles make sure that the leaf is closed.
*In the sliding frames we testify the correct roll of the leafs . If we notice a difficulty we again call the specialist technician -  the maintainer of ETEM Building Systems that placed the frames.
*Occasionally (once a year) you should check the rubber bands or the sealing brushes.
*In case you notice a difficulty in the use of the mechanical parts of the frame , never try to put them into process in a violent way, again call the specialist technician -  the maintainer of ETEM Building Systems that placed the frames.