In the hole world people demonstrates in the streets for the human rights, for

Democracy, for socially responsible stock exchange and equity markets or against

nuclear energy. The discussion about the value and the cost of  the environment and the

climate, such as  the protection of human continues. They must be found purified

solutions: a turn to renewable energy sources, to sustainable conservation of natural

resources and a conscientious management of the human staff, the environment and


  This ultimately means for the business and the individuals taking responsibility ,

responsibility for the environment, and responsibility  for the new

generations.Conscious and sustained action is expected from all the operators and to all

the sectors, whether if it is about the participation in a democratic society, the personal

care of a person or the social responsibility of a business. Taking responsibility always

means a holistic meditation of a responsible building, for example, it is often identified

with sustainable construction. Certification systems tries to substantiate this view of


The international climate policy have high hopes in the the construction industry.The

achievement reducing  CO2 is being influenced by the meters that takes place in the

construction sector, because the building maintenance uses a big part of energy.

International efforts are pressing a lot the construction sector. The sector is responding

with the development of innovative technology, with the contribution of new sectors of

research, with new innovative materials and with more effective systems. Also other

sectors like Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more and more important.

Corporate Social Responsibility is based in 3 pillars - in social issues,, economical issues

and environmental concerns. Although there is an ISO pattern , which evaluates those

aspects, however this is largely based on voluntary participation by the businesses.