Curtain wall

Curtain walls are self-supporting structures which are based on the structual elements of

the buildings,they have insulating and sound-abdording abilitys and they limit the risk of

water condensation, within them. They are usually  consisting a system of special

aluminum profiles (nutch) with the support of stainless steel and special, dible or

multiple glazing  which are used as filler materials.

The aluminum sections and their supporters are being calculated so they can bear the

same loads, the wind pressures, the snow, heavy rains and earthquakes.

The basics curtain intems are:

 Standard

 Structural-semi structural

 Eco

Their general features are:

*They require vary little maintenance and they are long-lasting.

*They consist of lightweight materials and do not affect the construction with extra weight.

*They are available with little or no external aluminum look.

* They create continuous consistency glass surfaces.

*In harmony with the environment, because of the reflection, on the outer glass buildings.

*Strengthen the dimensions of buildings in height and wide

*Harmonious cooperation with other aluminum systems for entrances, windows etc.

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