Housing Energy Upgrade

The aluminum frames works as a tool in upgrading energy of the residence but also at saving energy. According to the so far statistics from the Certificates of Energy Performance that have issued, the most of them concern buildings which are divided into low energy classes (Z-H), while a significant proportion of buildings are located in the lowest energy class (H). From that we can deduce that there is huge potential to improve energy efficiency of the buildings and corresponding energy savings. Modern aluminum windows can play an important role in reducing energy losses and saving energy in buildings. The architectural aluminum systems in recent years have significantly developed contributing greatly in saving energy from better heat insulation and therefore energy saving, there is even created aluminum systems with thermal break.

Particular by replacing five old surface frames around 15m2 with modern aluminum frames (thermal break profiles with Uf 1,9-3,2 and glazing with Ug 1,3) we can:
1. Save about 3300 Kwh/year.
2. Reducing CO2 emissions by 3643 Kg/year.
3.Achievement of a significant savement of natural resources and money.
4. Reduce energy losses by about 61 %.