Security Doors With Investing Wood

Αluworld offers a complete, ready to install, range of Doors for residential and commercial applications. Combining functionality with aesthetics and protection against intrusion for main entrance security doors. In every case, styling is essential and it always has to be in harmony with the environment it exists in. Every style of leaving can be satisfied with the numerous combinations of colors and external panels that are available from Aluworld. Offer absolute safety with a combination of modern and classic character, in a huge variety of designs and color options. Constructed by electrogalvanized sheets ensure the ultimate safety and protection. Internally they have high density sound and thermal solid material. In their exterior part they composed of wooden sheets. 
Also they have heavy line hinges and safe lock with five steel rods.

  • Absolute security and resistance to external conditions
  • 13-15 perimeter steel pistons
  • Investments and aluminum profiles
  • Panoramic eye 180 °
  • Variety Ral color choices and wood hue color